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“International Exposure, Local Expertise",

We, Rommel Bustamante and Glen Martinez-Owners, set out to create a company that fit this motto. First we brought over 30 years of experience to the table. Rommel is a licensed agent in both the US and Mexico while Glen is a Licensed Broker in the US and a licensed agent in Mexico. We've worked in real estate in Mexico for a combined 20 years giving us a thorough understanding of the differences and similarities of the laws in both countries.

Next, we set out to create a true marketing company. Almost all companies do the same thing when they take a listing. Fill out the paperwork, put the listing on the local MLS, print flyers and put up a sign. This did not fit our model of “International Exposure”, so we bought a franchise, United Country, that has over 3,500 various websites and ties these websites together to get maximum exposure. Then United Country developed 23 separate specialty marketing sites such as Coastal Property, Golf Properties and Luxury Properties. We put our listings on a minimum of 5 of these international websites and all of our listings go the “International Properties” specialty group. We these tools people in New York, Florida and Kentucky can also see our properties even before they know where Puerto Penasco is located.

Still, we knew we could do more for our clients so we continually market our properties on Craig’s List in 5 states, we’re creating blogs for people to discuss the area and their experiences, we put our listings in a magazine that comes out 3 times a year and is distributed to over 700 offices. Our parent company, United Country Real Estate has a call center that constantly services people calling or e-mailing in looking for various property. Our searchable data base has now exceeded 580,000 people so when we have a new property we can search for someone that has already identified themselves as interested in that type of property.

By the end of our first year we had finally achieved our motto,


We are United Country Mexico Advisors


About United Country


About United Country

United Country is the only national franchise system specializing in real estate throughout the small towns and cities of rural America. With a heritage dating back to 1925, United Country has offices from coast-to-coast including we're on growing. During the past few years United Country has added offices in Panama, Costa Rica, Australia, Honduras and Mexico and this is just the beginning.

United Country’s Commitment

United Country has made a commitment to its franchises to not only assist in the office set up but to assist in the franchise’s success through an integrated marketing system which includes Specialty Property Groups, over 3,500 individual websites, a constantly growing database of over 580,000 potential buyers, newspaper and magazine advertising and a corporate marketing department that can assist with luxury and large specialty properties. Added to this United Country has a powerful auction division. Each franchise not only has all these tools at their disposal, they are also able to contact specialist in almost any area of Real Estate among the United Country Family.

With this commitment United Country constantly strives to enhance and improve the tools at the disposal of its franchises to assist them in optimum success.

Our Beliefs

Real Estate is not a sales industry to us. It is a service industry and this distinction is what sets us apart. Our goal is to provide a client with information so they can make an informed decision. Once they make that decision our goal becomes one of creating a relaxed experience where our client is safe and informed throughout the transaction. Our job is to ask the questions that a person unfamiliar with Mexico law does not know to ask.

If you are interested in buying or selling a property or are just interested in getting some information we are here to be of service. Feel free to contact us or stop by our office.