Rocky Point, Mexico - Arizona's Beach



Located in the northwest Mexican state of Sonora, Puerto Penasco is a little more than 60 miles from the Arizona border. It joins the peninsula of Baja California and is part of the Altar Desert, one of the driest and hottest of the Sonora Desert. Often called Rocky Point, the area has been nicknamed “Arizona’s Beach,” because it is the closest coast for cities such as Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma.


One of the fastest growing tourist destinations in all of Mexico, Rocky Point offers the ease of access of being able to drive there from many Southwest American locations.

The Sea of Cortes, also called the Gulf of California, is a popular destination for those visiting Puerto Penasco. It offers amazing fishing, scuba diving, incredible views and more. The Sea of Cortes was once described as the “world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau.

Traditionally a commercial fishing zone, tourism has influenced the area to turn more attention to sport fishing, boating, scuba diving, etc.

A major whale breeding ground, the Sea of Cortes has been declared a World Heritage Fund by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is one of the most important landmarks in Mexico. It is one of the few Archaeological and Geographic areas mostly untouched by human hands. The reserve covers more than 600 square miles, includes 400 cinder cones caused by volcanoes and tunnels, ash and rock. The area is currently dormant.

In addition to those vacationing to Rocky Point, the area hosts a number of annual events which draw regular visitors..

Each April is the Las Palomas Triathlon in Puerto Penasco. This event is often the biggest donation event in the community.

Year Around Events


Another event which is growing every year is the Rocky Point Biker Rally. The weekend-long event includes concerts, parades, poker tournaments, sunset cruises and more.

Easter and Memorial Day are popular vacation holidays for those visiting Rocky Point as has been spring break for neighboring college students.

The Columbia area has a continental climate with 4 seasons. Annual rainfall is 38.3 inches per year. The annual snowfall is about 22.8 inches a year. The average number of sunny days is roughly 105 with the number of cloudy days approximately 169.


Rocky Point Sandy Beach is home to numerous upscale beach hotels and resorts with more than 6,000 rooms, yet perhaps one of the biggest booms for local tourism came from the inauguration of The Mar de Cortes International Airport in 2009. The airport operates flights from Hermosillo and Las Vegas in addition to private flights.

There are several medical facilities including Sandy Beach Urgent Care, San Jose Clinic, Santa Fe and Santa Maria Clinic. The Mexican Red Cross also provides 24-hour emergency services.

Several US/Mexico joint educational programs are offers for elementary, high school and college students in Puerto Penasco. Most of these programs focus on marine wildlife and the Sonoran region.

The local economy is based largely on tourism and foreign visitors.


Rocky Point’s name came from British Lieutenant Robert William Hale Hardy who was sailing the coast in search of pearls. In 1930, the name was changed to Puerto Punta Penasco (Port Rocky Point), but over time traveling Americans dropped the “Port” from the name.


The weather is dry and hot with an average year-round high temperature of 84. It is not uncommon for temperatures to be well over 100. July and August make up the rainy season with Rocky Point receiving 3.5 inches of precipitation yearly. Sea temperatures can be as low as 61 or as high as 82. It’s very rare, but tropical storms can occur in the region.

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